Welcome To Microbase Computers

MICROBASE COMPUTERS is formed to carter the needs of corporate, SMB, and small scale industries which are using IT infrastructure in core. Today most of the businesses are running on the core of IT. Our solutions span across the entire technology lifecycle. From design to setup and management of your infrastructure. And in every realm of technology, from computing architecture to networks, security and much more. With long lasting alliance with technology leaders, independent software vendors and with our expertise, we provide flexible solutions to meet our customers’ requirements to ensure maximum returns on their IT investment.

What we do?

Think IT infrastructure; think MICROBASE COMPUTERS partnership with us is your first step towards innovative IT solutions. MICROBASE COMPUTERS is an IT solution provider and is chosen partner to improve your IT infrastructure, integrating it and maintaining it over its lifecycle in all areas of technology including computing architecture, networks, security and much more. We have been constantly looking forward to have good customer relations.


MICROBASE COMPUTERS has invested considerably in automating its business processes and internally maintains a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure for operational effectiveness.

MICROBASE COMPUTERS is organized into SBU’s. Each SBU is run by professionals with experience, expertise and competence in their respective businesses. The organization has clearly demarcated support functions designed to cope with the organization’s rapid growth. adopts best practices in the industry across all its support functions and has a focused approach towards building individual excellence and promoting customer satisfaction.