Hardware & Software

We deliver, install and maintain the complete suite of state-of-the-art Hardware/Software ranging from a Cartridge to High End Server - our focus here is to meet customer satisfaction at a very competitive price.

Networking & Enterprise solutions

Microbase Computers builds, manages and optimizes customized client - centric networks that are strategically tailored to meet an organisation's specific business goals and requirements.

Drawing upon business and technical expertise and experience, as well as a reputation for maintaining long-term client relationships, Microbase Computers designs, implements and manages network architecture solutions that reduce information technology costs, improve internal process and increase operational efficiency.

As a single source provider for a business complete networking needs, Microbase Computers focuses on a wide range of speciality areas, including voice, data, wireless and information security.

Microbase Computers certified support staff provides management and ,monitoring of networks, with monthly performance and uptime reports and annual reviews.

The company sells best-in-class solutions and networking equipment from leading industry vendors, such as Cisco Systems (including IP phones), Linksys, D-Link etc.

Server Solutions

With the rapid growth of IT applications across the industries, a great many companies are developing High-End Servers, SAN, NAS, Load balancing, Clustering and RAID to manage the IT infrastructure. We have leverage on our skills in this area.

AMC & facility Management Solutions

AMCs ( Annual Maintenance Contracts ) is an inescapable reality in all large organizations since losing time on maintenance or upgrade of the computers is a major actual loss of money.

Microbase has qualified and trained manpower that can maintain IT infrastructure of any scale with proven ease.

Several large MNCs, Govt. Organization and other companies have relied on us for their specific needs in Computer Maintenance.

Microbase has a proven track record in providing FMS too. FMS encompasses resident Engineers at Client Locations, Data Backup Services, Periodic Maintenance of Computers/Peripherals, Antivirus Solutions and Maintenance of Operating Systems etc.

We Provide monthly performance and uptime reports part from annual reviews.

Data Management Services

Microbase is HP's storage works Gold Partner and is well trained on all Data Management Services which include Training, Backup and Maintenance.